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Carmei Zion is a warm and vibrant Ashkenazi dati, tzioni Beit Knesset located in Carmei Gat. Inspired by our core pillars of Torah, Avoda, Gemilut Chasadim, and community, we pride ourselves in providing an open and welcoming environment for our diverse community of native Israelis and Olim alike to practice and celebrate Judaism.


Through regular Divrei Torah, weekly shiurim, tefilat yeladim, limud horim v’yeladim, and an open and active beit midrash, we express our commitment to making Torah accessible and engaging to all members of our community.

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Gemilut Chasadim

We are proud to be actively engaged in chessed both within our community and within society at large. Some of our ongoing initiatives include organizing meals for new parents and delivering various assistance to those in times of need, as well as wider reach initiatives such as partnering with local organizations like the children’s home, Neve Hana.

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Avoda (Tefilah)

We strive to cultivate a passionate and meaningful prayer environment where our members can grow their relationship to and connection with God, both on an individual and communal level.

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More than just a place to daven, our Beit Knesset serves as a hub for community, a place where our unique blend of cultures and backgrounds are celebrated and welcomed, and where we can bond over our shared values. Carmei Zion’s commitment to community vibrates throughout everything we do and is at the heart of our ‘why’.

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