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Carmei Zion regularly hosts events of all types geared towards all members of our community. Through our events, we aim to encourage the communal togetherness so inherent in our vision.


Even during the challenging times of the pandemic, we took it upon ourselves to continue providing events within health regulations and on virtual platforms to maintain and strengthen our sense of togetherness and community.

  • Annual welcome Shabbat  (complete with meet-n-greets, kiddush, paired lunches, etc.)

  • Family hikes

  • Sexual abuse avoidance and child safety education workshops

  • Monthly women’s shiurim and social gatherings

  • Shiurim on hilchot Eretz Yisrael (shmitah, etc.)

  • Hachnasat sefer torah and hakafot shniyot

  • Chanukah party

Previous Events
  • Purim party and “Drive-through” concert

  • Mishloach Manot and Matanot L’evyonim

  • Yom Hazikaron and Yom. Haatzmaut ceremonies

  • Lag Ba’omer bonfire/youth event

  • Shavuot learning program for men and women

  • “Corona Kiddush”

  • Matzah baking

  • Care packages for soldiers

  • Bible “museum” throughout the community

Shabbat/Weekly Events:

  • Tefilat yeladim

  • Limmud horim v’yeladim

  • Kiddush Shabbat mevarchim

  • Women’s Shabbat mevarchim shiur

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